The custom hr solutions

The custom hr solutions provide customized software based on your specific requirements More »

The SugarCRM HRMS Solution

Integrating CRM with SugarCRM HRMS systems will not only tackle your broader innovative abilities but may also support your key company values. The SugarCRM HRMS Solution perfect for small and mid-size companies. More »

The hrms system in vtiger crm

The Vtiger CRM really is an amazing software to integrate with your work flow. It’s enterprise-ready Open CRM software primarily created for small and mid-sized companies. More »

The openbravo hrm solution

ERP programs predicated on open-source systems empower the organizations to boost existing company performance through different stations including productivity, agility and management. More »



The hrms systems comes as a comprehensive solution for the efficient management and development of your human resource. It will assist you in the complex and strategic process of managing this crucial resource of your enterprise. Based on modular architecture, it facilitates a vast range of  hr activities, with features that reflect the main hr management activities.

The hrms software solutions is a perfect platform for re engineering your hr processes and achieving a new level of hr management.

The hr solutions consists of following modules.

♦ Organization Information
♦ Employee Information
♦ Employee Confirmation
♦ Performance & Review
♦ Rewards & Recognition
♦ Appraisal
♦ Timesheet
♦ Payroll
♦ Birthdays
♦ Termination and Layoff
♦ Resignation and Retirement
♦ Business Tour | Picnic
♦ Leave Management
♦ Leaves
♦ Holiday List
♦ Leaves Requests
♦ Leaves Approval
♦ Reimbursement Management
♦ Reimbursement Requests
♦ Reimbursement Approval
♦ Applicant Tracking
♦ Jobs
♦ Candidate Information
♦ Training
♦ Support

Dashboard Reports

♦ Employees by Job Title
♦ Employees by Department
♦ Employees by Qualification
♦ Employees by Gender
♦ Employees by Job Location
♦ Employees by Nationality
♦ Termination and Layoff by Year
♦ Resignation and Retirement by Year
♦ Employees Performance Status
♦ Employees Leaves
♦ Jobs by Candidates
♦ HRMS Modules Used Statistics

Services Overview

We help clients in achieving their targets by successfully mapping and effectively implementing software solutions on all their business processes and operations.

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