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Magento Extensions | SEO Tags Cloud Management

Paypal PaymentThis magento extensions helps to advertise products, categories or any other tags in front-end and tags management in admin panel. This module is easy to use and install.

Simply add tags from back-office products, categories tags with URL and tags cloud will be displayed in front-end. When user will click on tags, user will be redirected to respective page.

This module works with Magento 1.7.x, 1.8.x and 1.9.x latest versions.


– Simply add products, categories or any other tags from back-end.
– Tags block module display tags cloud canvas.
– User clicks on tag and redirect to respective page.


– Simply upload module zip file from Admin=>Magento Connect Manager
– Install module using install button.
– Go to promotions tab menu to access module.
– Test module first on test environment before production environment.

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