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 Useful prestashop addons modules for your store.

Below are the list of modules available at prestashop addons

Prestashop modules will help you to get extra functionality and features in your existing shopping cart. The modules works with all versions of prestashop.

[1]. Home Page Popup MP4 Video Advertisements.
[2]. Back-Office Login Details and Email Notifications.
[3]. Home Page Popup Ads based on selected languages
[4]. Home Popup Youtube Video Ads based on selected languages
[5]. Pop-up on exit page to encourage customers for sales
[6]. Google Adsense Block for Selected Category & Languages
[7]. Custom Information for Selected Categories & Languages
[8]. Redirections of URLS Management [301,302,303,404]
[9]. Custom Banners for selected categories and Languages
[10]. Social Media like Popup based on Selected Languages.
[11]. Home Popup Youtube Video Ads on selected languages
[12]. Web Traffic Analysis using Stat counter Tool
[13]. Tags Canvas Cloud for Easy Navigation,Search & SEO
[14]. Links block for selected category and language
[15]. Google Translation of Store in 100+ Languages
[16]. Cookie EU Policy Notification Multilingual
[17]. Scroll to Top of Page – Move on page from bottom to top
[18]. Ban IP Address and Redirect to URL.
[19]. Social Media Side Menu Links on Home Page.
[20]. Custom banners on all categories and selected languages.
[21]. YouTube Video Block for Selected Categories & Languages.
[22]. Show Popup Message and Redirect Links Based on Country.
[23]. Testimonials block for selected categories & languages.
[24]. Social Media Block for selected categories & languages.
[25]. 18+ Age Verification Pop-Up Multi-lingual.
[26]. Twitter Feeds for selected categories & languages.

Please visit website for details information about each extension , demo URLs and pricing information.

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