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Paypal Payment | Prestashop Addons | Magento Extensions | CRM Plugins

Paypal payment for purchasing prestashop addons,magento extensions and crm plugins. Pay pal Payment

Please feel free to contact for any question , support and purchase extension.

Payment email

It is fastest , easiest and secure way to do the payment.

Benefits :

  • The best reason – It’s FREE for buyers! …
  • It is very easy to sign up.
  • The easiest form of payment is immediate payment right from your bank account. …
  • You can transfer money to ANYONE with an email address or phone number. …
  • There are many more retailers that accept Paypal than eBay
  • You can accept money from anyone who has an email address or a phone number.
  • It is 100% secure.Guarantees your security. All of your information will be kept confidential and Paypal will not sell or give your information out to third parties. NO Spam!
  • It’s free to receive money for a basic member. This would include accepting money from someone via their bank account. Upgrade to a Premier Member and you will pay small associated costs for the priviledge of accepting credit cards and debit cards. Fees located on the website.

paypal payment