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Custom Information Block based on Selected Categories.

This prestashop addons module available at prestashop marketplace helps to provides facility to add introductory information about merchant, Products, Offers,Press Release ,shop, company or related info from back-office and showcase in front-office.

This module allows showing custom block in selected category from back-office.
Custom information can be added using HTML editor with images.
This module is easy to use and install.
Simply add information from back office and display info in block in front-office.


– Add information from back-office easily.
– Display information in front-office block.
– Display block in selected category and sub-categories.
– Facility to add formatted text with HTML editor and add images.

Benefits for Customers

– Customers will understand better and easy way about store products, company, offers, promotions, press release etc.
– Customer relationship management.

Benefits for Merchant

– Easy and interactive way to show case information about store, company, products, offers, promotions, press release and communication with customers visiting store.
– Helps in digital marketing and SEO.


– Upload module zip file from back-office Module & Services menu tab
– Install module using install button.
– Position module in left menu using Modules & Services => Positions Drag and Drop option.
– Clear cache from Advance Parameters => Performance (if possible force compilation)   

Prestashop Addon

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