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Welcome to Extensions for SugarCRM

Paypal PaymentPhpMyAdmin Module

This module allows us to access database from sugarcrm administration panel back-end.

Merchant Benefits

This module is easy to use and install.
The advantages of using PhpMyAdmin are that it has a user interface and you can run queries within the SQL.Another advantage is that you can paste queries into the SQL to test data output; form a simple ‘Select * FROM table name’ to more advanced relational queries using various tables.

PhpMyAdmin will perform various jobs such as creating and modifying Mysql databases, deleting Mysql databases and their tables, fields or rows as well as executing Mysql statements or managing users and permissions. This module will be helpful for database backups as well.

This module works with SugarCRM 5.x.x, 6.x.x and 7.x.x latest versions.

Username: demo
Password: demo123


– Access PhpMyAdmin from back-office
– PhpMyAdmin version phpMyAdmin


– Simply upload module zip file from Admin=>Module Loader
– Install module using install button.
– Go to administration menu to access module.
– Increase post_max_size in php.ini for file upload more than 8MB.
– Test module first on test environment before production environment.

Price 50 USD . Paypal Email

Please feel free to contact for any question , support and purchase extension.

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sugarcrm phpmyadmin

sugarcrm phpmyadmin



sugarcrm modules

sugarcrm modules



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